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So how will expanding the longevity of their essays benefit college students moving forward? The answer is relatively simple. With expanded essays, a higher quantity of details will be present, and the purpose/message of the essay will be better explained. These are qualities that many professors desire from their students. The increased longevity with more details have a higher chance of turning a good paper to a great one. The above and beyond effort of writing a more in depth essay will better serve all college students moving forward.

Students essay writing will evolve, creativity increased, length of essays and paragraph numbers will increase, and students will be better prepared for the expectations of collegiate work and expectations of their professors while in college. As college progresses, and the coursework difficulty increases, the need for an increased quality of essay writing will serve students well. There's no rule stating that all essays have to be solely five-paragraphs, and the extra work will bring higher grades and more positive feedback to collegiate students.