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All throughout grade-school, students' overall level of writing became more sophisticated over time. However at some point along the way, students were led to believe that their essays had a length minimum and requirement of only five paragraphs. This common belief amongst most pre-collegiate students can be contributed to multiple factors. The most relevant being that the five paragraph style is commonly taught throughout high school, many teachers preach the use of five-paragraph essays to their students, to the point where now many students who enter college belief that essays only can be need to be five-paragraphs. Essays require some sort of format in effort to stay organized, but just because most students are taught to use the five-paragraph style, does not mean it’s the only way to write an essay properly. 

 Anastasia Gustafson of the National Council of teachers of English (NTEC) shares a similar perspective. “However, what becomes a problem is that the idea has somehow become ingrained in our students that the five-paragraph essay is the only way to write—not only in high school and college but also in professional writing careers.” College, is a whole different ball game. Academic curriculum and grading possess higher standards, as well as an expectation that students work will be greater in volume. 

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